Australian Chess Championship 2018 Rules

All standard rules for the game apply. these are the highlights:

All players Must be able to do the following:

  • Properly move all of the chess pieces
  • Understand pawn promotion.
  • Understand rules for “advanced” moves: Castling and en passant capture (note: please ask the organizer
  • in case of any confusion about en passant rule )
  • Understand Check and the ways to get out of check (move, block, capture)
  • Understand Checkmate
  • Understand the “touch-move” rule
  • Understand 50 moves draw rule i.e. the game can be claimed drawn after 50 moves if there are no pawn moves or no captures.
  • Understand 3 fold repetition rule. the game can be claimed drawn if the exact same position is repeated thrice.
  • No outside assistance during games is allowed.
  • There will be a possible brilliancy prize for the best game of the tournament, the selection of best game is the discretion of the organizer.
  • In case of any confusion/disputes talk to the tournament organizers.